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Why Thriveboards?


Back in the 90s before the .com boom, there was a company called Dream Team Technologies, and they liked to do things a little bit different.  They had coaches before coaching was hip.  Part of the philosophy was that it is better to coach people and manage projects. The reality is that much of the philosophy around managing people has moved since then and essentially that is where many companies today are.


Where Thriveboards came in, is that this company sought a way to have all of the people on the team really understand what the company as a whole was targeting - and then each person set about creating the goals they could promise to deliver on that would support the big picture.  It really worked.  The early measurement tools that were first created in excel were the prototype for what Thriveboards is today. And the processes by which that company built their success - thriving throughout the .com bust and well into the next decade, are used today by many companies to bring clarity and alignment to their teams, allowing people to create their goals and managers to manage the activities that build success.


How can Thriveboards help you?


Thriveboards help organizations (leaders, managers, team & individuals) keep their goals in focus and manage prioritizing in a real-world way that helps to drive the most important things first. Because the discipline involved in maintaining Thriveboards is the same discipline required to generate breakthrough results. Because accountability starts with clearly stating what you will achieve (your outcome) and how you will measure the achievement. Because high performance depends on establishing goals and driving activities that will maximize the probability of achieving, or even eclipsing a goal.


Why did we built it as an application?


We created the application Thriveboards because there were no good options available that support transparent goal sharing and management. Because every good leader/owner knows that just saying it isn't enough and things become real when you write them down and agree to be held accountable for results. Because the system helps to measure the critical intangibles that so often go unmeasured, but have a huge impact on tangible results nonetheless.


Why should businesses use Thriveboards?


Companies should use Thriveboards to move their teams in to higher levels of performance... to shift organizational mentalities away from responsibility to accountability. Thriveboards can help leader/owners have a more transparent method to evaluate employees and teams.  It can help to generate more financial results, better organizational alignment and optimized focus on the KPIs that impact your company.