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Set Your Goals

Thriveboards can be created for the company, individuals or groups and the goals are set up under domains that fit your business. Individual and team goal setting should be a collaboration among employees and managers to ensure that everyone is working toward the same strategic objectives. Goals can be printed and shared throughout the company, helping to minimize redundancies and maximize efficiency.

Better Communication

Communicating your strategic objectives can enhance employee engagement and production. Thriveboards gives employees a better understanding of how their work relates to the goals and initiatives of the levels above them. It creates a sense of value in their contributions and encourages them to develop more meaningful goals. By tracking their progress on Thriveboards, you are able to give relevant feedback  that keeps everyone on track.

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Our 30 day free trial allows you to experience a goal setting tool that helps you build success, not just measure it. You can set up the objectives that are important to your business and track your progress. Our free goal setting software helps you build better, more productive business goals. Using Thriveboards in your organization keeps everyone on track and working in support of your key initiatives.  No credit card is required to get started with your free trial, so sign up today!

Customer Experience

Thriveboards is a system for easily measuring both the tangible and intangible factors that impact your bottom line. It provides real metrics to track the results that build success. Even the more ambiguous aspects of business success, including employee and customer experience, expectations and improvements, are easily tracked and measured.

Set priorities

You create the categories that work for your business, then the goals to support your success strategies. Each domain and goal is then weighted to reflect their importance in achieving your overall objectives. These weights give priority to the most important goals and tasks, so that everyone is working on the right things at the right times. And, these weighted priorities make scoring for results easy and relevant.