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Executive Coaches

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Thriveboards helps your clients attain results!

Are you an executive coach or consultant?  Do you work with company leaders to support the setting of professional goals and the execution and performance towards those goals over time.  Do the leaders you work with concen themselves with employee development and want to see that aligned with organizational objectives?  If so, then Thriveboards is the tool for you.




Benefits for You

  • Help Keep your clients on Track
  • Coach from within the Tool
  • Monthly Commissions


Benefits for Customers

  • Supports Accountability
  • Gets Team on Same Page
  • Measures Real Impact


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How the Program Works

  • Free to join.

  • Affiliate Access allows you to connect to all of your clients from one login.

  • Affiliates can see all clients who have signed up with your Affiliate Code.

  • Monthly reports sent with commissions and balance.

  • Payments made monthly for balances over $25.

  • Make a 10% commission on all amounts collected from clients who sign up under you.

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